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This is my stop during the book blitz for Reckless Hearts by Heather Van Fleet. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 7 till 13 February. You can see the blitz schedule here.

Reckless HeartsReckless Hearts (Reckless Hearts #1)

By Heather Van Fleet

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age category: Adult

Release Date: February 7, 2017


Between boot camp and two TOD’s in Iraq, my buddies Max, Gavin and me have been through some serious hell. So the last thing I ever expected was to find the biggest challenge of my life back home.

My girlfriend died. I couldn’t even attend her funeral, let alone tell her goodbye or that I’m sorry I wasn’t there like I should’ve been.

But she left me a gift. The best and scariest one I could’ve ever asked for. One I didn’t think I could handle…until the day I saw her tiny blues looking up at me in that airport. Chloe.

Now here I am, raising my baby girl—with the help of my two best friends. Things couldn’t be better. Until she walked into my life.

All I wanted was a nanny. Someone to take care of my girl when I couldn’t. What I didn’t count on was Addison, the brown-eyed temptress with a body of sin, and everything I didn’t need, but suddenly wanted.

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Two days had passed since Addie kissed me in my truck—a day that was now one for my record books. Not because it was the best kiss of my life, or because I’d sat there like a dumbass, unable to move as she told me good-bye and got out of my truck. It was record book-worthy because she’d done the impossible: taken my dreams and given them life with that one kiss.

She’d gained control of my heart.

I’d made her come against my door, had my hands all over her body, but nothing felt as surreal as the second her lips touched mine, which is why it had only taken me ten seconds to snap out of my daze and chase after her. Five seconds after that, I caught up with her on the sidewalk by the front of her building, and two seconds later I was kissing her again, this time pressed against the glass door, my hand in the thickness of her hair as she opened her mouth for me and moaned.

Just when I was ready to take her up on more than the coffee she’d offered, Max called to say Chloe had bumped her head on the coffee table when she pulled herself up from the floor to stand.

Now, there I was, after a long, Saturday night at work, staring down at my new dream-come-to-life. Lying on my couch, with her hair spread over her face and a soft snore coming out of her mouth, Addison looked like an angel.

Easing down on the floor next to her, I pressed my hand to her cheek, brushing hair away from her mouth. Her tongue, all pink and sweet, darted between her plump lips, drawing me in closer. As lightly as I could, I pressed my mouth to hers, not wanting to wake her, but okay if I did.

When she didn’t stir at my touch, I headed into the bathroom to take a shower. It was gonna be a good day.

Last night, out of the blue, I’d learned that I was up next for first shift, Monday through Friday. And I’d be starting tomorrow. Normal hours would mean normal sleep and normal time with Chloe—and now Addie too.


Jesus, just thinking her name, imagining her in my bed, in this shower with me… Gripping the base of my cock, I stroked it hard, shuddering when I reached the head. With my forehead and a hand pressed against the wall, I envisioned her rocking over me, her hips thrusting hard, her tiny moans, her beautiful tits on display, bouncing in place.

“Fuck.” I stroked faster, needing more—needing her. And just before I reached the edge, the moment of truth, someone opened the damn door.

I stilled, teeth gritted, my pulsing cock aching for release.


My body went stiff at her voice. Not thinking, I turned off the water, whipped the shower curtain open, and wrapped a towel around my waist.

“Holy shit,” she whispered.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her fully into the room with me, shutting the door behind her.

She covered her eyes and fumbled until she landed on the toilet lid. “Give a girl a warning before you go caveman, would ya?”

Snorting to myself, I moved to stand in front of her. “How ’bout you learn to knock?”

A noise sounded in the base of her throat. “I did knock, you idiot,” she grumbled.

Needing to see her face, I peeled her fingers away from her eyes. “Look at me.”

Her mouth fell open, then closed, but her eyes stayed shut even after I took her hands in mine.

“I can’t.”

“Why?” I asked.

“It’s, um… I…”

“You got something to say to me, then say it. Don’t be afraid.” I rubbed my knuckles down her pink cheeks.

“Well… See, you…”

Loved how I could make her speechless. “Open those pretty eyes, Addie. See me.”

Just when I thought I’d completely terrified her to the point of no return, her lashes began to flutter against her cheeks, and she lifted her chin to meet my gaze.

“I like those eyes on me. Want them always on me, nobody else.”

“You’re insane.” Her jaw worked and she stood, still facing me. “No way can you tell me who I can and cannot look at.” She shoved me back against the wall.

Leaning closer again, I lowered my lips to her ears. “No, I can’t, but when I want something, I want it fully. Completely.” And I want you.

“So, what exactly are you saying?” Her voice was low and husky. This woman made me crazy with lust, and I wanted inside her so bad I could damn near taste it on my tongue.

“Saying that starting tonight, you’re gonna stay here in my house, and we’re gonna try this out. Me, you, together—officially.”

“What?” Her lips twitched, and my cock jumped through the towel. She stiffened, eyes going wide, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“He’s not in charge, you know,” she grumbled, curling her lips.

I laughed harder—so hard my chest ached. So hard that after a while, she started laughing too. And I liked the sound. A lot. Liked it so much I couldn’t stop myself from leaning forward, tucking my hands around the back of her head, and capturing it with my mouth.

She gasped against my lips, but like yesterday, she didn’t pull away. Instead, she reacted—always so receptive to my touches—by wrapping her hands around my naked shoulders. Fingernails scraped lightly across my skin and I shivered, tasting her, loving the soft moan coming through when I touched my tongue to hers.

Girl built a fire in my chest that burned through my body. Now this could very well be the best kiss of my life.

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Heather van FleetAbout the Author:

Heather Van Fleet is stay-at-home-mom turned book boyfriend connoisseur. She’s a wife to her high school sweetheart, a mom to three little girls, and in her spare time you can find her with her head buried in her Kindle, guzzling down copious amounts of coffee.

Heather graduated from Black Hawk College in 2003 with an associate degree and has been working in the publishing industry for over five years. She is represented by Stacey Donaghy of Donaghy Literary.

You can find and contact Heather here:








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